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At Malabar Nature Green, our township farm land development in Bangalore, we strive to provide residents with a nurturing and sustainable environment for their farming endeavors. Here are the key facilities we offer to enhance the farming experience:


Organic Farm Plots: Each resident at Malabar Nature Green is allotted an organic farm plot to cultivate crops, grow vegetables, or engage in sustainable farming practices. These plots are designed to optimize space and promote healthy crop growth.


Irrigation Systems: We understand the importance of efficient water management in farming. Our township provides well-designed irrigation systems, including drip irrigation or sprinkler systems, to ensure a consistent water supply to the farm plots, optimizing water usage and promoting healthy plant growth.



Greenhouses and Polyhouses: To extend the growing season and protect delicate plants, we offer greenhouse and polyhouse facilities. These controlled environments shield crops from extreme weather conditions, pests, and diseases, allowing residents to cultivate a diverse range of plants throughout the year.


Livestock and Poultry Areas: At Malabar Nature Green, we provide designated spaces for rearing livestock and poultry. Residents interested in animal husbandry can avail themselves of facilities such as barns or enclosures to raise livestock in a safe and comfortable environment.


Storage and Processing Units: We understand the importance of proper storage and processing facilities to preserve harvested crops. Our township offers storage units equipped with climate control systems to ensure the freshness and quality of produce. Additionally, we provide processing units for value addition and extending the shelf life of agricultural products.


Community Farming Areas: Collaborative farming is encouraged at Malabar Nature Green. We have dedicated community farming areas where residents can come together to work on larger farming projects, grow communal crops, or explore collective farming practices. These shared spaces foster a sense of camaraderie and encourage knowledge exchange among residents.


Farm Equipment and Tools: Our township provides shared farm equipment and tools, including tractors, tillers, and harvesting machinery. Residents can access these resources as needed, eliminating the burden of individual ownership and maintenance.


Education and Training Centers: We believe in empowering our residents with knowledge and skills in sustainable farming practices. Malabar Nature Green features education and training centers where residents can attend workshops, seminars, and practical sessions conducted by experts in the field of organic farming and agroecology.


Farm-to-Table Infrastructure: Emphasizing the farm-to-table concept, our township offers facilities such as farm-to-table restaurants or shared kitchens. Residents can prepare meals using their freshly harvested produce, fostering a deeper connection to the land and promoting sustainable living.


Common Gathering Spaces: To foster a sense of community, Malabar Nature Green provides common gathering spaces, including community halls, outdoor seating areas, and recreational spots. These spaces are perfect for socializing, organizing events, and celebrating festivals within the farming community.


At Malabar Nature Green, our aim is to create a vibrant and sustainable farming community. We provide a range of facilities and amenities that support residents in their farming endeavors, promote sustainable practices, and encourage a sense of togetherness. Join us at Malabar Nature Green and experience a fulfilling farming lifestyle in a thriving township farm land development in Bangalore.









Malabar Land Developers

Farm Land Developer, Landscaping Service, Project Management, Architecture Service.

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Malabar Land Developers
Farm Land Developer, Bangalore Real Estate, Landscaping Service, Project Management, Architecture Service
Malabar Land Developers
Farm Land Developer, Bangalore Real Estate, Landscaping Service, Project Management, Architecture Service

Natural Greens

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